I made love to Bukowski

It took him six tries
to get it up. His penis
was somewhat
defective. His body
was a greasy blob
and after he came,
he vomited on the bed
and kicked me out,
threw a bottle at my head
but missed terribly.

and when he died
I defecated
all over his face. Seriously,
fuck that guy.

Based on actual events.


Broken Red by Amber Africa
Broken Red by Amber Africa

They found her trying
to destroy herself, again:
her body marching
toward the tracks, closer
to peace. But, they managed
to lock her down–
only needed four guys
this time.

Finally, she was let go
to another facility, away
from the train, and the fences
stretched higher than she could
reach. But she scratched away
her arms until the nurses paid
some attention. After the bandages
they left her again, to wrestle
the howling and the unrelenting
gnaws and biting.


Written for Right2Write Prompt #5: Broken Red.


Nick Cannon told everyone
that he thinks of things
and makes them happen.
But then I think of the millions
of Nick Cannons, pilgriming
West, spilling out of buses,
only to be a story shared
by everyone else.

I tried to climb-up trees, but already knew
I would never be my friend, who never fell
to where I am at. I was never lucky enough
to be born with my friend’s hands
just as many hopefuls and wannabees weren’t
born with the right stuff, or were born
at the wrong time.  I already knew
what my parents knew,
that I would never be president,
even when they told me I could be anything,
each time I fell.

I never ventured
West, because I knew
I would live long in this town,
with its many trees.

Written for the Thursday Prompt at Because We’re Poets.