Recommended Links

On Writing/Art:

  • Cosmoetica – great site dedicated to the arts, mainly literature and film. Run by critic and writer Dan Schneider.
    • Dan Schneider Writes a Great Sonnet – Shot in ’98, Dan writes a great sonnet “Ed Gein Becoming” in real-time. While writing he describes his process and the choices he makes (and doesn’t make.) A great resource for not just poets, but any writer or artist. Unedited version is 1 hour and 48 minutes with different edited versions for viewing preferences. After viewing I also recommend Alex Sheremet’s take.
    • Dan Schneider on Shakespeare and Stevens – Schneider pits Wallace Stevens against the Great Bard and makes the case against deifying writers.
    • Dan Schneider Analyses – A blog containing some great insights into the writings of Dan Schneider and how they work.
  • Alex Sheremet – author of Woody Allen: Reel to Real, an excellent book of film criticism.


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