It’s the Big Heat!

An unjustly forgotten gem from the 80’s. Stan Ridgway is probably one of the most original songwriters ever and after his tenure with the Wall of Voodoo he went on to release a great solo album, “The Big Heat.” The title song does a lot more than what most songs even bother to attempting to do, and it has some interesting lyrics to boot:

A block away he wondered if he’d left behind a clue
The front page of a paper dated 1992
He remembered when he used to be the chairman of the board
But that was when the world was young and long before the war

“And everybody wants another piece of pie today,” he said
“You gotta watch the ones who always keep their hands clean.”
It’s the big heat
There’s someone followin’ you
It’s the big heat
Step aside we’re comin’ through

It’s a shame that not a lot of people seem to be even aware of this song. The music video only has nearly ninety-thousand views on Youtube (the version I’ve posted has only a thousand, but has a better sound quality and is without an annoying intro unrelated to the song itself.) Here’s also a good acoustic version of the song:

The Pop Group Returns

One of the greatest rock groups ever, The Pop Group, is going to release their first album in 35 years. As promotion they’ve revealed the title track, “Citizen Zombie” which you can listen to here. The Pop Group is one of my favorite bands ever, but the new track isn’t all that impressive; it’s okay and certainly better than a lot of songs being released nowadays (it’s like a lesser version of the lead singer’s, Mark Stewart’s, collaboration with Primal Scream,) however it seems too calculated and the musical ideas aren’t all that interesting. I’m still eager to listen to the rest of the album when it’s released; according to Rolling Stone it’s going to be produced by the same guy that’s produced Coldplay and Adele, which is an interesting choice, I guess. I doubt the album’s going to be all that good (hopefully I’ll be proven wrong,) but at least more people might be turned on to The Pop Group’s previous albums.

In the meantime, here’s one of their more well-known songs, “We are Time” which is easily one of the greatest rock songs ever: