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  1. Andrew, I’m glad you liked some of my poetry. I’ve been around for a while but it never grows old when people find my work worth reading! I’ve looked around your site some and I’m impressed! I’m very glad to “follow” you and hope you’ll do the same…or not…….I’m easy!

    Best Success,


    • Thanks. And I agree. Art is made of lies but that’s what makes it great, for it is a creation outside of our everyday reality that can help us understand our reality and ourselves.

  2. Hiya Andrew,
    [BTW, what does the -J- stand for 🙂 ?]
    Nice to meet you.
    I’d love to read some of your short stories. Have you got those on line somewhere?

  3. What do you mean not very good?? They’re good! Thank you for joining us at wePoets and we’d be happy to showcase your poems or any other writing you may have should you want to share. 🙂

  4. Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for being a part of The Paperbook Collective in 2013. I loved reading and publishing your poem. If you have any others to submit in the future, please feel free!
    All the best in 2014.

  5. Hi Mr. Geary, For an essay I am currently writing about House on Mango Street, I was thinking of using one of your reviews as a source of evidence for my argument. I wanted to see if you had any information about yourself so I could use you as a credible source. Thank you.

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