Day in the City – Fiction

Late afternoon once again and the man moves across the empty street toward the park. Right away he sees a fat squirrel standing on the grass, its cheeks moving. He shoots it with his BB rifle and drops the body in his sack, looks around for a moment, then starts to head back home.

The man goes along his way, passing by abandoned cars. He peeks inside one. A while back, in one of the cars, he found an album with some lovely photos. Another time he saw a raccoon curled underneath a dashboard. He used to think about the people trying to evacuate, and him waiting for the imminent. But something in his genes disallowed his dying like the others. Now he peeks inside dead cars and buildings.

Later, as he walks through the basketball courts it catches him, a red soccer ball laying partially deflated in the middle of the empty court. He’s passed by it countless times, but now he’s struck. The half-of-something sitting there, touched only by the stolid air. The man goes over to it, squeezes and listens to its long wheeze. Then he drops it in the trash, even though it won’t go anywhere.

Sunday Photo Fiction
Sunday Photo Fiction

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction.

4 thoughts on “Day in the City – Fiction

  1. A post-apocalypse story — now that’s what I call a different take on the prompt. No name, just ‘the man’ wandering around. Makes it even more desolate. Nicely done.

  2. Kind thanks for your visit to The Netherworld.
    I think I might prefer to be obliterated rather than live in a dreary, post-apocalyptic aftermath. Then again, I’m old. (Middle-aged, but in modern society, that’s pretty well considered “old.”) I’ve had my time, and it would be too much of an adjustment.
    I like your character, and the tone of the piece reminds me of a line from an old song, which states simply, “the world wags on.”

    • I don’t think I would even be able to survive in a post-apoc wasteland like the character here, both because I wouldn’t be able to stand the constant loneliness in addition to the fact that my aim isn’t very good for killing squirrels. Thanks for the comment.

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