Working Class Heroism

“You work three jobs? … Uniquely American, isn’t it? I mean, that is fantastic that you’re doing that.” President George W. Bush —to a divorced mother of three.

We need to support the poor
with handshakes and shoulder-pats
of patriotism. They need to feel
that the penny-jobs and the slumped bones
are the traits of True America.
If placed within admiration’s glow,
they will never see the endless hours
as slavery. Their children will grow-up
and be proud and never change
their fixed place, allowing perfection
to forever rule and remain.

An attempt at political poetry. Even though it’s supposed to be ironic I think it still comes off as a bit preachy.

Dverse Poets Sat. 14th

15 thoughts on “Working Class Heroism

    • What always bothered me most was how working slave-hours for little pay is labeled as “virtuous” and “patriotic.” This is a nice ploy by politicians to avoid actually helping the working class by telling them that they are true Americans for working shitty jobs with little opportunity for progress. Thanks for commenting.

    • It’s also ironic how he uses “uniquely American” as a positive when describing a woman who has to work three jobs to support her family. The use of “patriotism” here really is a trick to make her problems not only seem not so bad, but actually a GOOD thing.Sickening.

  1. This one kicks up stairs – well done! A typical political sound byte that makes something like a single mom with three jobs about them, and not her and her family. I like the irony, but I’m Canadian! ha ha

  2. I don’t know Andrew. The preachy quality you’re mentioning adds to the cynicism of the piece, especially the last lines–the sense that this is as it should be. The overbearing quality underscores the root of the problem. Using the quote at the beginning sets it off in that deirection. I liked it, but I’m a liberal and from NYC so cynicism runs in my blood.>KB

  3. Andrew–I’m with KB on this one. The preaching has a reverse effect, and contributes to the irony you have set up here. Interesting how a struggle to survive can be labeled by others as something non-concrete as patriotism.

  4. I had forgotten that truly crass comment of his – I think I wiped it from my memory banks, along with all the other rubbish he spouted. An excellent commentary. I personally would work my ass off to keep my home going if things turned bad, but boy would I resent having somebody who has no idea what that’s like talking to me like that!

  5. Thank you for the commendation of my nature poem — know? you left on wepoetsshowit about 10 days ago. I replied there but suffice it to say it was such thoughtful and flattering praise.

    Indeed your work has an edge to it. A definable voice in every poem. Keep up the creativity, Andrew.


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