To the Ugly, Old Dog

The years have given
you warts, 
that is why nobody wants
to touch your head. 
I remember
when you used
to bite at things
real and begged
for my hand.
Now, you sneer
at shadows,
and whimper 
from underneath
the bed. 

And to be unseen
is the only gift


An edited version of a poem originally published in the September issue of The Paperbook Collective.

Working Class Heroism

“You work three jobs? … Uniquely American, isn’t it? I mean, that is fantastic that you’re doing that.” President George W. Bush —to a divorced mother of three.

We need to support the poor
with handshakes and shoulder-pats
of patriotism. They need to feel
that the penny-jobs and the slumped bones
are the traits of True America.
If placed within admiration’s glow,
they will never see the endless hours
as slavery. Their children will grow-up
and be proud and never change
their fixed place, allowing perfection
to forever rule and remain.

An attempt at political poetry. Even though it’s supposed to be ironic I think it still comes off as a bit preachy.

Dverse Poets Sat. 14th

The Child

Stanley is the kicking,
the spinning in the park.
Our days are finally taken
over by a frenzied life.

The biting tells
us he is too much
for others. The TV is great
for him. Life is still.

He sleeps. He doesn’t tell
us about his favorite shows.
There is a sighing. A change moves
throughout the house.

Stan is all upstairs,
we only hear his door
and the screams
of video games.


Something I wrote for Time to Write’s Contest asking for poems about childhood.


The Paperbook Collective ~ Issue Two 2013.

My poem, “To the Old, Ugly Dog” has been published in the recent issue of the Paperbook Collective. The magazine also features short stories, poetry and photography.

The Paperbook Blog

Here it is everyone, better late than…whatever!

Despite the world’s best efforts (see my last post) Issue Two of The Paperbook Collective is now live.

There was far less stress, far less swearing and far less panic in the publication of this issue, although that could be because I’ve been drinking wine all day. Or perhaps I’ve grown up in this past month. Who can say.

So here it is for your enjoyment, in all its paperbook glory. I enjoyed reading the work that was submitted this month, and I really hope you do too. As usual there are two options for you to choose from, a downloadable PDF version or an online magazine version.


The Paperbook Collective-Issue Two_2013


The Paperbook Collective-Issue Two_2013

Today, as I mentioned, is the first day of Spring in Australia. So no matter where you are in the world, despite the fact…

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