Welcome Home

The wife woke up in the early morning and waited for her husband to arrive. She begun making preparations for his eventual arrival. She scrubbed the kitchen floor and dusted-off the tabletops and cabinets. She vacuumed the carpet and gave the windows a remarkable sheen. The ceiling had never been so spotless. The garage was beautiful. Every object in the house was immaculate.

She cleaned the house three times over and moved-over to the neighbor’s house, crossing the white picket fence that divided their house with her’s. While she was rubbing each glass into perfection, the neighbor’s wife slowly entered. Their eyes met but no words were said. The neighbor’s wife held a strange sympathy for the woman who was preparing everything. The neighbor’s wife left her and retreated into the master bedroom, alone.

The wife continued until she had cleared the house of every dust particle and blemish. She then moved onto the next house, and the next. She crossed the street and mowed every lawn, vacuumed the sidewalk and repaved the road. The whole city block was coated with a fresh, lemony scent that resembled perfection. Everything was perfect and ready. Her husband never came home.


This was my first attempt at flash fiction I did a while ago. I decided to post it because why not?

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