Waiting at IHOP

She lost that light,
the only thing that shone
in Philipsburg, Montana. She’s been away
for fifteen years, still remembers them
begging her to stay, but she left
to make herself into something
great. Now, she isn’t
the star of any place, still waiting
tables until lunch is over.

Or maybe,
she never starved for anything
larger than a lifetime of wondering
about TV shows and of hoping
for a gentle moment–she waits
because she’s never thought
of anything more.

8 thoughts on “Waiting at IHOP

  1. How you capture the essence of a common person doing common things is brilliant…if not genius. I just want to sit and read it again and again until I can see behind the smoke and mirrors. Bravo!

    • I guess you’re right. We are all human after all and even though we may not always know each other we can always relate or understand one another in some way. Thank you for reading.

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